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-Claire, M

"After trying to manage my severe PCOS myself since being diagnosed in my early 20’s, I reached out to Hannah for help as my symptoms were progressively worse the older I got. After 12 weeks working with Hannah I feel so much more in control! I lost over 1 stone, had my first natural period in over 18 years and just feel so much more positive about getting my PCOS under control. I honestly cannot recommend working with Hannah enough"


-Holly, B

"When I first started with Hannah I was all over the place. All I could think about was loosing weight to be able to get accepted for treatment at the fertility clinic. Having PCOS is such a difficult thing to live with as there is so many symptoms people don’t understand. Working with Hannah really helped me understand my own body and health and actually making me realise it’s not all about loosing the weight it’s about starting to love your body and understand your body. My mindset completely changed towards so many things. I learnt so much about my self that I didn’t know about. I can honestly say I am the fittest and healthiest I have been in a very long time. I honestly couldn’t have done any of this without Hannah x"


-Helen, R

"After struggling with perimenopausal weight gain and other issues, I sought help from Hannah. She was extremely knowledgeable and I learnt a lot about how I can help myself through the food that I eat and other lifestyle changes. I lost a stone and am so glad I went to Hannah for help. She was so professional and positive throughout the process. Thank you Hannah :) "


- Christabel, G

"Working with Hannah for the past 3 months has honestly been one of the most uplifting and positive changes I've made in my life. After being diagnosed with PCOS and told by my doctor that if I lose the weight I had gained my symptoms would all improve. I felt so deflated as I had been trying for 2 months to lose weight prior to the diagnosis but no diets were working. I was in a constant cycle of starting the week (or day) so 'healthy' but by the weekend (or evening) I couldn't resist and would eat whatever sweet treat I had lying around. Also, to top it all off I was about to start University (not the most healthy lifestyle!). I was so desperate not to continue down this path; this is when I found The Positive Method. Over three months she helped me make small, consistent changes; not just in what I eat but a way to live a happier, more positive life. It wasn't just her expert advice and personal plans, her constant joy and smiles carried me through a challenging time. I have a completely new mindset about everything. Can’t explain how good it feels to be ‘free’ of diets and like I know what PCOS is and how to tackle it. I will miss your positivity every two weeks! Xx Thank you Hannah!"


-Navpreet, S

"After being told I had unexplained infertility and after two failed IUI fertility treatments, I was also told that I had PCOS. I felt super overwhelmed and had no idea what to do, to reduce my symptoms, as I was just told to “lose some weight”. I then found Hannah on Instagram and decided to go for the 10 week 1:1 plan. Hannah was absolutely amazing in explaining and guiding me through what PCOS is and the specific symptoms I was experiencing and what we can do together to overcome this. The goal was to be able to get my body in a place where I would be able to start IVF treatment. I started my plan with Hannah in November 2021 and I managed to fall pregnant naturally in Jan 2022 ♥ I could not have gotten here without Hannah’s constant support and The Positive Method!"

*2022 update - Warmest congratulations to Navpreet, who gave birth to a healthy baby


-Nina, A

"This morning, for the first time, I have achieved the first stone lost. I am overjoyed at how all your wonderful principles are gently with me and guiding my choices. Recognising how my body responds to its nutrition and activity and making decisions based on this. Not letting there be too many 'dots' in my picture and not beating myself up when there are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my looser waistband"

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 20.59.20.png

- Amy, C

"I’m a new woman! I can honestly say I will never go back to the way I was. Hannah has completely changed my attitude to food. Even suffering with PCOS, I have lost nearly two stone, my BMI is back in the green. I feel motivated, healthy and educated. Not once have I felt like I am ‘on a diet’ just that I have ‘changed my diet’. With my binging ways behind me and the forever snacking on leftover kids food, I never get that horrid stuffed feeling, just a lovely sense that I am satisfied with what I have eaten and I am very rarely hungry. Hannah is absolutely fabulous at explaining the science behind her method and it is indeed positive. I am thrilled with the results so far and I’m so glad I invested in myself by signing up. Focused on women's wellness, Hannah is here to educate us all. I wish I had found her years ago. "


- Kirsty, W

"Having suffered with a lot of women's health problems earlier this year (pcos & potential endometriosis) along with brain fog and constant tiredness! I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. The best thing I did for myself was embark on a 3 month journey with Hannah! I have learnt so much about myself, my health and most importantly I feel so much better! Hannah really taught me the foundations and helped me to look at things completely differently (not just food related). Now I have created better routines with food, diet and lifestyle I really don't want to fall back. I feel great! Thank you so much!"


- Ana Maria, H

"Hannah taught me that resisting cravings is not about will power but it's about learning how to stabilise glucose. It's not a diet but a way to eat that is healthy and sustainable long term. Since I started the programme, I have been losing weight gradually and I feel great. I would really recommend it to anyone, particularly if you are disillusioned with yo-yo dieting. I have lost 10kg since working with Hannah and I had a general thorough check up and all my results were amazing. Thank you so much Hannah. Your knowledge and programme are amazing and it has truly changed me xx"


- Alicia, D

"I have learnt so much and really enjoyed being part of The Positive Method. I love finding out about the science behind eating positively. The recipes have been incredible. I’ve actually got my mojo back in the kitchen. Preparing the different food has been really fun. The weekly catch ups, Facebook group and guest webinars have been brilliant. Can you tell I am a massive fan of Hannah and her programme? I’ve never been one to diet but joined as a friend was raving about it. I am a convert to eating well now, losing weight is a bonus. Alicia x"

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 12.24.08.png

- Amy, H

"When I first spoke to Hannah I was in an extremely low place, suffering from PCOS, anxiety and depression, I was ready to make the changes I needed to in order to get myself into a better place mentally and physically. Getting my PCOS diagnosis 6 years ago was very confusing, there is a massive lack of information and support when being given the news. Working with Hannah has been life changing for me, being educated on my diet and PCOS and the relationship between the two has opened my eyes so much! I have lost just over 2 stone, we regulated my period, I've started a new relationship and my confidence is growing every day! I cant remember the last time I felt this happy and healthy and its all down to Hannah’s guidance and the work I have put in.  I have found a new lease for life and I cant wait to see what the future holds!"

*2022 update - Warmest congratulations to Amy, who gave birth to a healthy baby


- Annabelle, D

"I would go so far as to say Hannah has changed my life. She's helped me form a new outlook on weight and well being, and enabled me to make positive changes for the future. She is incredibly engaging and inspiring to work with, and resonates positivity and colour. Having battled with my weight for many years, I would now not hesitate to invest in help from a professional like Hannah - and, personally I couldn't recommend her enough. It’s not just about the weight, Hannah has helped me combat a chronic health issue with changing my food and taking supplements, it’s the best it’s been for a very long time! I've now lost 15 pounds sustainably in less than 4 months on Hannah's private consultation package and am continuing to work with her for my future. I have more energy, my skin glows (didn’t know it could) and feel fab! Thank you, thank you Hannah"


- Catherine, B

"Working with Hannah was an absolute pleasure and she always brought so much positivity to our sessions. I feel more confident in putting meals together and knowing what will help to support my PCOS. This has helped a lot with the food guilt I often felt before. One of the main things I wanted support with was fatigue and the tips Hannah gave me have definitely alleviated this. I was also thinking about getting pregnant, something I had always been worried about having PCOS. After a few months working with Hannah I fell pregnant! The lifestyle changes I’d made with Hannah’s advice were a massive support with this." 

*2022 update - Fabulous congratulations to Catherine, who gave birth to a healthy baby 


- Eileen, W

"I can’t thank Hannah enough for helping me to change my destructive relationship with food.  My results from the four-week course exceeded all my expectations.  I didn’t go into it to lose weight but in 2 months I have lost 11lb and I feel so much better for it.  My mood, energy levels and skin have all improved.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was too.  I never felt like I was being deprived of anything and I’ve lost all desire for unhealthy junk food.  This isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life that works and I am so glad that I invested in myself and took part in the course.  Thank you Hannah x."


- Sienna, A

"Since starting my journey with Hannah it’s like my whole world has finally been pieced back together. I understand PCOS so much better now and she has given me so much knowledge and amazing recipes that I don’t need to feel guilty for eating. I could not recommend her more, our meetings were a highlight of my week and I’m so glad I started this journey, I know it’s only just the beginning but my periods are now regulated, my anxiety slowly but surely is becoming easier to handle and I am falling back in love with food again. Thank you for everything💕"


-Annie, L

‘Working with Hannah has changed my life! After being diagnosed with PCOS, I was overwhelmed with conflicting information. Hannah has completely transformed my thought process around nutrition and has taught me to prioritise my wellbeing, in such a manageable way. In only a few months, I have lost weight and improved my PCOS symptoms but I’m also so much happier and feel far more optimistic about the future. Hannah’s positivity is infectious and I have loved working with her."


- Milly, P

"I have just finished the 10 week positive method with Hannah. Before starting the program my PCOS symptoms were affecting my daily life including bloating, fatigue PMS and painful periods. Throughout the course Hannah taught me new way of seeing food and eating differently. This paired with mental health and understanding the effects of stress and sleep on PCOS symptoms has been a life changer. Fast forward to the end of the program, I am feeling significantly better with my symptoms not bothering me. The tools Hannah has taught are invaluable and a brilliant guide for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with PCOS."


- Sarah, T

"Working with Hannah over 10 weeks helped me regain the energy and enthusiasm I had lost since the menopause had arrived! Without having to change the actual food I ate, (I wanted to bury my head in the shopping trolley when she gave me my suggested shopping list as it looked so delicious). Her explanation of how to combine those foods to maximise their benefits was a revelation! I felt fantastic fairly quickly and lost some weight to boot! I focus on a meal at a time and make sure I consider all the elements, I follow her advice on getting a good nights sleep and definitely make time to do things that make me smile every day. I wanted to make a lifestyle change for the better and Hannah helped me do that."

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 10.34.35.png

- Laura, N

"Hannah's refreshing approach to nutritional advice has been invaluable. As a working mummy of 2 young children, Hannah's digestible and accessible guidance has brought my sparkle back. I had tried many diets to shift the baby weight but nothing seemed to work and I was going around in circles. I’m the lightest I’ve been in years and my skin is the best it has ever been and my PCOS well managed. Investing time with Hannah has paid dividends on my body, mind and spirit. I can't recommend her highly enough. Everyone needs a Hannah in their life!"


- Angie, S

"Have absolutely LOVED The Positive Method. It helped me re-engage with myself, to understand nutrition better with regard to my hormone levels in menopause. Nothing was working, weight piled on, brain fog and bad eating habits hit, I then lost my mum suddenly last year. In 2021 the heaviest and unhealthiest perhaps I have ever been, emotional eating was a massive problem. I found Hannah and jumped in with both feet. In four weeks the difference in energy levels was incredible, no snacking, positivity, my general wellbeing, skin, hair is incredible. Making it a habit for a lifetime, with Hannah’s advice and knowledge, building on the best advice daily and enjoying life again, working back as a head sole gardener. The support and attention to detail Hannah gives is second to none. My cup is now half full and I cannot wait to top it up."


- Penny, H

"I was a little apprehensive about opening up to someone about worries that I felt I had and would never have control over. Hannah completely changed my mindset. She showed me the power of eating colourful, looking after myself and positive thinking. She helped me to make lifestyle changes for the better, gave me a wealth of knowledge and gave encouragement throughout the process. I will be forever grateful and just wish I had met her sooner!"


- Megan, A

"I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of years ago and since then, I had been in desperate need of help! I was endlessly trying to understand more about my diagnosis through all different sources which then resulted in multiple conflicting information, leaving me feeling really deflated, low and lost. I initially found Hannah on Instagram, I was instantly drawn to Hannah’s positivity towards PCOS and short snap bursts of information videos which I could relate to which also helped me to piece together the facts from all the misinformation I had previously found. After following Hannah for a couple of months, I decided to work with her on her privately, particularly focusing on the foods I was eating as this was my main driver of my symptoms. Hannah was really inspiring and motivating and always reminded me to focus on my goals that I had set out from the start. Since completing the 12 weeks with Hannah, I have completely changed my mindset and diet lifestyle and continually work on blood sugar balance everyday. If you are reading this and are still undecided, please be reassured that you are in the best hands and highly recommend Hannah, especially the 1 to 1 package as it is completely personalised to you, Thank you so much Hannah! "

Christine Clark.jpeg

-Christine, C

"I got in touch with Hannah desperate to feel well again. Having struggled for years unknowingly with severe Endometriosis then having a complete hysterectomy, which put me into a surgical menopause, I didn’t know what well felt like anymore! Even with being on HRT I was still feeling awful, exhausted, sleeping badly and having digestive problems. Within a couple of weeks following the positive method I was feeling much better and now 12 weeks after starting the programme I’m continuing to improve and have pretty much eliminated my digestive issues. One of the great things about the positive method is Hannah explains the science behind it and how our bodies react to the choices we make, I didn’t appreciate how my diet could drive my inflammation and disrupt my hormones. The positive method is about so much more than just food choices, it teaches you how to embrace positivity and colour in all aspects of your life and it’s a combination of all of these which have really helped me feel more like myself again for the first time in I can’t even remember how long! The group programme is great, you have shared experiences and support from the other group members and it’s so encouraging to see the progress everyone makes. Working with Hannah and making the investment in myself was most definitely my best decision of the year."


- Jenna, H

"When I reached out to Hannah I was at sick to death with fad diets I had tried them all. Yes I got results but they were not sustainable and the weight just went back on and the cravings for not the best choices were unreal! leaving me feeling right back at square one. I needed a lifestyle change and that Hannah has certainly helped me achieve. Before meeting Hannah I was not eating enough leaving me feel defeated and low in energy in my every day life. I now have a better relationship with food I am also never hungry and I know how to balance my blood sugar levels, leaving me with stacks more energy. Hannah has helped me find myself again. I wish I worked with her years ago this has changed my life and helped me be a better version of myself! I thank you from the bottom of my heart Hannah you are amazing! I will be forever grateful for all you have taught me to transform my life. If you want a change work with Hannah, I promise you will not be disappointed I have learnt so much and I feel so much happier in myself. Thank you Hannah!! xxx"


- Sarah, B

"I joined Hannah and her one to one private programme after unsuccessfully trying thing after thing to alleviate my individual PCOS symptoms.  Hannah has introduced me to a holistic approach to wellness and a fresh way of eating. I have more energy and am taking the time to enjoy the little things in life Xxx"

Baby now due Autumn 2022

Screenshot 2022-06-30 at 11.32.37.png

- Helen, C

“I’ve spent all my adult life dieting and so I needed to change my mindset. I've already lost 12lbs which is actually crazy. I normally struggle with losing, my middle feels less puffy and uncomfortable, I’m really concentrating on learning about life balance and I am loving the accountability and community of the club".

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 09.30.59.png

- Louise, S

"After having severe morning sickness with both my pregnancies and going on to breast feed my body was crying out for nutrition in every aspect! My milk supply had become low and I wanted to continue with breastfeeding. Hannah provided me with all the knowledge and guidance I needed to get me back to my peak health! I saw results pretty much instantly and obtained knowledge on nutrition I can use for all my family. My milk supply returned and flourished, as did my energy. As a family we are all healthier and happier as a result of working with Hannah!"

weight loss testimonial .png

- Holly, A

"After years of struggling with my weight and endless unsuccessful dieting, I am now the healthiest and happiest I have ever been. With Hannah's guidance through my tailored nutrition plan, I have been able to build up a greater understanding of my body and what worked for it. Not only that, I have started living a more active lifestyle and feel less stressed and anxious, all of which Hannah has helped me work on - as nutritional therapy isn't just about the food! Although I came to our first meeting wanting to change my relationship with food, I never would have expected to be where I am now. I would definitely recommend working with Hannah if you want to take back control of your life!"


- Amy, B

"Hannah, I am so grateful to you. I have no sugar cravings and have more energy, and am so pleased my diet is much healthier - the best it has been since I can remember. I have also lost a lot of weight! In fact, shocked at how quickly I have without even feeling I’m on a diet! THANK YOU X"

image (2).png

- Rachel, A

"I approached Hannah about 6 months before my husband and I intended to start trying for our first baby. Having been diagnosed with PCOS a number of years before I was aware that this could impact my fertility, but that diet and lifestyle changes could make a difference. I also follow a vegan diet, and wanted to make sure my diet was balanced. Hannah made me feel immediately at ease when we met. She understood my concerns and worked closely with me to change and supplement my diet over time in a way that fit my preferences, ethics, and lifestyle. More than that she worked hard to educate me on what was happening in my body meaning that the changes I was making made sense, as opposed to feeling like things I was being told to do. Three months of working with Hannah has left me feeling brighter, more energetic, and confident that my body is ready to carry a baby. I would recommend working with Hannah to anyone with specific health goals, or who feels they need a boost!"


- Carol, G

“I first contacted Hannah following my breast cancer diagnosis. Although everything was looking positive I wanted to make sure that my diet supported my recovery and put me in the best possible position to avoid a relapse. She gave me some simple recipes to follow, as well as educating me on exactly what my body required to thrive on a daily basis. Five months on I feel so well. I have loads of energy and have avoided all the usual side effects from my medication. I am convinced that working with Hannah and my diet has played a huge part in my recovery." 

Plain circle.png

- Kuljeet, S

"My journey with Hannah fed my mind, body and soul. My biggest issue before contacting Hannah was understanding how making changes to better my PCOS symptoms could work alongside my lifestyle and not require entire sacrifice. Hannah’s step by step approach, which was flexible to my real life, made it possible to really consider change for the long term. During my time with Hannah I felt I skilled myself with the know how, to over time, improve and manage my symptoms with food, movement and living positively. "


- Beverly, B

"I contacted Hannah because I was going through the menopause and had started to notice changes which were affecting my physical wellbeing.  Though my diet was healthy and hadn’t changed significantly, I had started to gain weight and was at a loss to understand how I could reverse this unwanted trend. I was also regularly experiencing UTIs.  Hannah was able to confirm that, though what I was eating was healthy, the timings and combinations of my diet were not conducive to weight loss.  Her patience in identifying better ways in which to eat, together with recommendations for supplements and exercise really helped me on the path to gradual weight loss (in addition to talking to my GP, I also haven’t had another UTI since enlisting her help).  I would heartily recommend engaging Hannah if you want to optimise your health; she is a gem."


- Janine, M

After the past year of excessive eating and drinking, I finally decided I needed to make a change and start looking after myself. I went from being addicted to sugar and snacking constantly throughout the day and not realising the effect it was having on my body and mind. I had sugar cravings, I was bloated and just felt sluggish most of the time. I knew I didn’t want to do a diet and needed to make a life style change. So this was when I found Hannah. I never realised how much The Positive Method would have such an impact on my life! I now have no more sugar cravings, I’m no longer bloated and I have so much more energy. The added bonus is I’ve lost 1/2 stone in 4 weeks! 

I’m now equipped with the knowledge I need to live a healthier and balanced life which has filtered through to the rest of the family. Thank you so much Hannah for all your expertise. Live Positive."


- Faye, W

“I watched Hannah's incredible free masterclass and haven't looked back since. I joined the Positive Method group programme and she's completely changed my approach to plate building and ultimately my relationship with food with her knowledge and gentle guidance. But the main thing is that the process was fun, our group had a laugh with each other about too many glasses of fizz and other naughty habits. I loved having some other mums who, like me had all gone astray, with the same poor habits. But no more!! I'm not on a diet, I'm finally educated in how to consume and if I want a curry, I'll have one. 80/20 people, 80/20 people! Thank you Hannah - you're a star! ”


- Sophie, O

"As someone who has always considered herself “overweight” (which I cringe about now, I was gorgeous at 16 when I first hit the gyms and slimming groups) I was at a real breaking point. The idea of going back to calorie counting apps or slimming groups as a busy working mum of two under 5s made me want to cry. But I needed to get some control back and Hannah’s masterclass really resonated with me. The group course was great because I was learning as I went and I loved having the materials to download print and refer back to whenever I needed it. I feel much more empowered having done Hannah’s programme. I know now that I don’t have to go through life never eating something delicious again and Hannah’s sugar rollercoaster diagram stays in my head whenever I look at my plate of food. Thanks Hannah! I’m so happy to have found your logical, scientific and proven method to follow rather than being sucked down a fake-food-meal-replacement diet that just fuels shame and locks you into gain and loss forever more."

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 19.32.41.png

- Hannah, M

"Hannah has been an enormous help and support to me throughout my time spent with her. I came to Hannah feeling dreadful and through her expertise and experience she unpicked the problem. Hannah guided me through the bespoke plan put together for me and with her support and professional knowledge had a profound effect on my health and wellbeing. I would highly recommend you give Hannah a call!"

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 20.50.13.png

- Pippa, M

“Hannah has given so much clear, balanced information that is easily applicable to the everyday. The programme really helped me to rethink building a plate, and making sure I was eating a colourful variety of foods everyday. I’m including a lot more good fats in my diet, and more aware of choosing better carb options than before. Another plus, is that I’ve stopped picking at my toddlers leftovers when I’m feeding him in the early evening!! I've found the meal plans incredibly helpful. Hannah's programme feels like a focused re-education, and something that is so relevant and that will just be the start of a new journey with food."

Testimonial weight loss.jpg

- Jen, S

"I've just finished Hannah's Positive Method programme, and can't recommend it (and her!) enough. I've spent weeks eating fabulously tasty and colourful meals without a moment of hunger or calorie counting, and feel equipped with the knowledge and skills to continue eating beautifully. Hannah's support, advice and expertise has been invaluable, and I really appreciated her respect for particular dietary or lifestyle needs. Her holistic approach to wellness and clear passion for women's health is inspiring. I feel proud, energised and happy - not least because I'm already a good few pounds lighter! 8lbs lighter."

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 08.44.09.png

- Christine, S

“I’m fitting into clothes I have not worn in years, my skin is glowing and everyone is commenting on how well I look. I really enjoyed the delicious recipes, which were all so colourful. Hannah was also such a colourful, positive energy and I will take on board her advice for years to come. If you’re thinking about it, just do it. Thank you so much for everything Hannah”

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 10.40.15.png

- Sarah, R

"I suffer from Crohn’s disease and as such am on immunosuppressant medication to control it. Hannah was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in helping me to understand what this did to my body, what I needed to eat to ensure I remained healthy and control my Crohn’s as much as possible as well as clear guidance on supplements I would need to support my body. She also picked up on my anxiety around my health, and kindly, calmly and positively discussed this with me and how I could help manage this with my diet and supplements. A very positive, clear and helpful experience from start to finish. Hannah has a wonderful energy. I really enjoyed working with her. Thank you Hannah xx"

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 10.45.54.png

- Charlotte, R

"I approached my initial consultation with Hannah with an open mind. In my eyes I was already healthy, but knew there would be ways that I could improve my diet, especially to aid my eczema which was one of the main reasons I got in touch. Hannah’s personalised and detailed approach gave me a refreshing outlook and the tools I needed to tackle my eczema head on, and having kept on a number of her diet suggestions I have seen a huge improvement in both my eczema as well as other areas such as sleep. I would highly recommend Hannah if you need that little lift and steer in the right direction." ”


- Charlie, M

“Meeting Hannah and experiencing her passion for food, health and positivity has completely changed my life. Being late 40’s and experiencing changes in my mood and my body, I needed to change the way I looked at food, Hannah certainly helped do that! Her supportive, bubbly manner made the experience really relaxed, enjoyable and actually very tasty . I lost a few pounds, which was a bonus and gained more energy. A truly fantastic course. Thanks Hannah, I feel amazing!!”

weight loss tes.png

- Hannah, R

"I did the positive method programme with Hannah in a bid to kick my sugar cravings...ok I think it was more like an addiction. 2 babies in 18 months and breastfeeding meant I was reaching for biscuits and sugary snacks as a quick fix. Hannah showed me how to eat to balance my blood sugars and kick those habits and cravings. I’ve been following the plan (mostly) and I am feeling amazing, I have so much more energy! I would really encourage anyone to do this, thank you Hannah ❤️ "

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 09.44.45.png

- Cindy, G

"I spent the winter eating leftover fish fingers off my kids plates and telling myself that if no one else saw me eating 4 rich tea biscuits every time I walked past them, that it didn’t count. Unfortunately it did count.. all the way up to an extra dress size and 5 kilograms I decided to join Hannah Alderson’s Hey Sugar eating program for 2 weeks. The eating plan was simple and easy to follow and I felt better every day. I have lost 4 kilograms and am feeling much better but the biggest difference is in my overall well-being and my skin! I’m glowing Adding more plant based foods and fats into my diet has been eye opening and I think will be my new normal. I really enjoyed Hannah’s tips and tricks and her approach to wellness rather than weight loss.. a very different mindset. This is a wholehearted endorsement of her program and business. Thanks Hannah!!!"


- Lynda, B

""I joined Hannah's Positive Method programme in March. I thoroughly enjoyed the recipes and the new approach to eating. Although sceptical about giving up some things like coffee, I started the programme and found that the well balanced nutritional foods meant that I did not crave sweets or coffee. I also found that I wasn't hungry and food stopped dominating my life. As a result, I feel healthier, have more energy and as an extra bonus I lost 11 pounds!! 2 months on I am keeping to the fundamentals of the programme and have kept the weight off. X.""


- Catherine, L

"A big thank you for all of the info you’ve educated me on. Since the course I’m eating very healthily and I’ve pretty much cut out all junk food which I’m happy to do. Plus I love wearing more colour  - bright yellow today ! Colour always makes me happy, along with flowers and being outdoors.  Great positive energy. So I pretty much just keep on moving and improving my diet as I need to. Thank you Hannah."

Plain circle.png

- Samantha, C

"It’s been an awesome & inspiring 4 weeks which really does only feel like the beginning of a new way of eating & living, for me & my family."

Plain circle.png

- Michelle, H 

"If you are stuck in a boring diet food rut or just generally need a boost then Hannah's course is just what you need. Within 2 weeks of gradually adapting my eating habits to balance my blood sugar I had completely altered my palate and stopped craving anything sweet or beige!

The recipes, were all very tasty, nutritious and filling. The difference in my energy levels, health, PMT and overall well being has vastly improved....and I'm only 6 weeks in!"

weight loss testimonal.jpg

- Kiran, W

"Your course was a real eye opener to leading a healthier lifestyle and making the right food choices.  The zoom calls were really informative, especially as you also talked about the science behind your nutritional advice, and it was helpful to hear participants talk about their progress and your advice back to them.  I liked that you also talked about healthy food choices in relation to age and different lifestyles, your amazing e-book full of healthy easy-to-follow recipes to the spectrum of different food groups with all the benefits.  Plus loads of great tips!  Nothing was too much trouble and you answered any questions you received outside the zoom calls promptly.  I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about making healthier food choices as some really valuable advice and great value for money. Your depth of knowledge and passion really coming through.  Highly recommend this 14 day course with Hannah!""

Plain circle.png

- Francesca, K

""For anyone thinking about joining one of Hannah’s programmes I would say definitely do it, you won’t have any regrets! I feel informed, empowered to make good food choices and more positive about my well being. I’ve gained the good stuff - fab new recipes, hacks that are game changing  and support from someone who inspires me to think about food in a more colourful way. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to realise that a nutritional approach is the right one for me. A BIG thank you. X.""

Weight loss testimonial.png

- Olivia, B

"Hannah has given me the education to think about how I'm fuelling my body and given me the toolkit to make the healthier choices,  even when pushed for time,  with a little bit of forward planning, sensible store cupboard stocking and focus on eating a rainbow, protein and good fats.  My energy is much more stable throughout the day and I'm much better at listening to my body,  giving it time to respond to the food and liquids I give it rather than just reach for the sugary snacks!"

Plain circle.png

- Anna, P

"I really enjoyed the positive method programme with Hannah. I've now lost 11LBS 2 months since starting the kick start. Her approach to weight loss is unique, fun and so positive.I would highly recommend it. I've never kept weight off after loosing it and I'm steadily still going down on the scales! This is a new way of life for me thanks to Hannah with lots of tasty food along the way.

Thank you x"

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- Neya, R

""Being in self isolation for 5 days could be challenging for active person like me, I need something new, different way/method, something useful especially in the times like this. So I looked up the most colourful nutritionist I've ever seen on Instagram and decided to join her half an hour power call. I like the way that my questions regarding nutrition and health were answered, the problem solving and recommendation are amazing. I also find this call method is unique, it's like the most productive break during wfh! Thanks Hannah :)"

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- Beverly, C

""Hannah gave me excellent advice on both diet and lifestyle. She helped me all the way, responding to any questions I had and I appreciated her supportive and encouraging emails.  A big thank you for your valued & continued support and for giving me new ideas and recipes which I am still using a year on."

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