Congratulations, if you're reading this, my belief is that it's because you're someone who wants to take a step towards a happier healthier you. When you're ready to commit and work with me one to one, e xpect to have a thoroughly immersive, energised and inspirational experience. I work with a compassionate style in a totally non-judgemental space, practicing the principles of Functional Medicine. I’ll dig deep, getting to the root cause of your health issues, covering lifestyle and emotional factors in a total 360 approach. 


Are you ready to welcome wellness and transform your life?

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When working privately with me, in order to truly to understand your health issues we need to work together for a period of time - a one off appointment is unlikely to help you. I’ll coach you to reach your goals, embrace a new lifestyle but this won't happen overnight; real change can take time and this isn't a quick fix. Having the support of an expert who can provide fully focused and dedicated support, accountability and a proven method to propel you towards wellbeing is the fastest way to your goals. The length of your programme will depend on what you want to achieve, but typically we'd start with an initial in depth 10 week package. Following a free discovery call on the phone, we start off with an in-depth digital questionnaire followed by our initial consultation.




An initial takes approximately 1hr online via Zoom. This is where I dig deep to uncover the possible triggers and drivers behind any imbalances. Lifestyle and emotional factors will be covered to give a comprehensive picture.  I’ll create a personalised protocol for your needs. This will focus on dietary and lifestyle recommendations, include recipes, meal suggestions, supportive handouts and relevant resources, supplement suggestions (where necessary) and functional testing advice that could benefit a further insight for our journey. Prior to our first consultation I’ll ask you to fill in a questionnaire.



It’s time to see how you’ve been getting on. These appointments take approximately 45 minutes online via Zoom. These consultations are intended to monitor progress, review test results, see how you’re feeling and make adjustments if necessary. Further advice and recommendations will be offered. ​


£300 x 3 monthly instalments (£900)

Initial one hour consultation

Bi weekly follow up consultations (5 in total)

Personalised nutrition & supplementation plans

Personal coaching to support new lifestyle and diet

Meal plan, recipes, supportive handouts & much more

Email and Whatsapp support for the duration of the 10 week package

10% discount on supplements at The Natural Dispensary

I don’t charge for my time interpreting test results, writing reports or liaising with other medical professionals involved in your care. Supplements and Functional Tests are not included.

Individual follow up consultations after the private consultation package are priced at £185 or £200 for a full hour consultation.





Hannah Alderson Nutritionist Berkhamsted


The start of your journey with me

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- Amy, H


""When I first spoke to Hannah I was in an extremely low place, suffering from PCOS, anxiety and depression, I was ready to make the changes I needed to in order to get myself into a better place mentally and physically. Getting my PCOS diagnosis 6 years ago was very confusing, there is a massive lack of information and support when being given the news. Working with Hannah has been life changing for me, being educated on my diet and PCOS and the relationship between the two has opened my eyes so much! I have lost just over 2 stone, started a new relationship and my confidence is growing every day! I cant remember the last time I felt this happy and healthy and its all down to Hannah’s guidance and the work I have put in.  I have found a new lease for life and I cant wait to see what the future holds!"

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- Amy, C


"I’m a new woman! I joined Hannah's Positive Method at the end of June and I can honestly say I will never go back to the way I was. Hannah has completely changed my attitude to food. I have lost nearly 2 stone, managed my PCOS and my BMI is back in the green. I feel motivated, healthy and educated. Not once have I felt like I am ‘on a diet’ just that I have ‘changed my diet’. With my binging ways behind me and the forever snacking on leftover kids food, I never get that horrid stuffed feeling, just a lovely sense that I am satisfied with what I have eaten and I am very rarely hungry. Hannah is absolutely fabulous at explaining the science behind her method and it is indeed positive. I am thrilled with the results so far and I’m so glad I invested in myself by signing up. Focused on women's wellness, Hannah is here to educate us all. I wish I had found her years ago."


- Annabelle, D


"I would go so far as to say Hannah has changed my life. She's helped me form a new outlook on weight and well being, and enabled me to make positive changes for the future. She is incredibly engaging and inspiring to work with, and resonates positivity and colour. Having battled with my weight for many years, I would now not hesitate to invest in help from a professional like Hannah - and, personally I couldn't recommend her enough. It’s not just about the weight, Hannah has helped me combat a chronic health issue with changing my food and taking supplements, it’s the best it’s been for a very long time! I've now lost 15 pounds sustainably in less than 4 months on Hannah's private consultation package and am continuing to work with her for my future. I have more energy, my skin glows (didn’t know it could) and feel fab! Thank you, thank you Hannah"