Hey Sugar, let's balance with Hannah

The 21 day kick start to positive weight loss & wellness group programme



I will personally coach a small group of women through my Positive Weight Loss Method. My programme will educate you to balance blood sugar, build a positive relationship with food, rid yourself of food shame and lose weight. I will teach you how to eat for the rest of your life. This exclusive online program sets the stage for wellness and sustainable weight loss unlike any other currently out there - no fads, no calorie counting, no gimmicks and most importantly we'll have some laughs along the way. I will teach you how to eat for the rest of your life - join me!

Here's what's included folks:

  • Hey sugar, let's balance with Hannah - the comprehensive ebook guide

  • LIVE weekly coaching calls with me - including one to one time

  • Meal rotation plan

  • Over 30 recipes

  • Done for you shopping list & email support

  • Meal rotation plan

  • Extra weekly videos

  • Access to the closed Facebook group

  • Group support, motivation & accountability 

  • 10% lifetime discount code at The Natural Dispensary 

  • New mindset with an expert on your side

This is for you if you:

  • Are stuck in the miserable 'yo yo diet' trap

  • Suffer from PCOS and struggle to lose weight 

  • Want to build a positive relationship with food and your body

  • Invest in your wellness and do something positively wonderful for you

Positive weight loss programme Dates


Monday 20th April - SOLD OUT

Monday 29th June - SOLD OUT

Monday 14th September - sign up today

Monday 9th November - Register your interest!

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Jen, Hertfordshire

Lost 8lbs

"I've just finished Hannah's blood sugar balance and weight loss kickstart programme, and can't recommend it (and her!) enough. I've spent 2 weeks eating fabulously tasty and colourful meals without a moment of hunger or calorie counting, and feel equipped with the knowledge and skills to continue eating beautifully. Hannah's support, advice and expertise has been invaluable, and I really appreciated her respect for particular dietary or lifestyle needs. Her holistic approach to wellness and clear passion for women's health is inspiring. I feel proud, energised and happy - not least because I'm already a good few pounds lighter! 8lbs lighter."

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Christine, London

Lost 10lbs

“I’m fitting into clothes I have not worn in years, my skin is glowing and everyone is commenting on how well I look. I really enjoyed the delicious recipes, which were all so colourful. Hannah was also such a colourful, positive energy and I will take on board her advice for years to come. If you’re thinking about it, just do it. Thank you so much for everything Hannah”

weight loss tes.png

Hannah, Hertfordshire

Felt Amazing

"I did the group programme with Hannah in a bid to kick my sugar cravings...ok I think it was more like an addiction. 2 babies in 18 months and breastfeeding meant I was reaching for biscuits and sugary snacks as a quick fix. Hannah showed me how to eat to balance my blood sugars and kick those habits and cravings. I’ve been following the plan (mostly) and I am feeling amazing, I have so much more energy! I would really encourage anyone to do this, thank you Hannah ❤️ "

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 09.44.45.png

Cindy, Hertfordshire

Lost 7lbs

"I spent the winter eating leftover fish fingers off my kids plates and telling myself that if no one else saw me eating 4 rich tea biscuits every time I walked past them, that it didn’t count. Unfortunately it did count.. all the way up to an extra dress size and 5 kilograms I decided to join Hannah Alderson’s Hey Sugar eating program for 2 weeks. The eating plan was simple and easy to follow and I felt better every day. I have lost 3 kilograms and am feeling much better but the biggest difference is in my overall well-being and my skin! I’m glowing Adding more plant based foods and fats into my diet has been eye opening and I think will be my new normal. I really enjoyed Hannah’s tips and tricks and her approach to wellness rather than weight loss.. a very different mindset. This is a wholehearted endorsement of her program and business. Thanks Hannah!!!"


Lynda, Hertfordshire

Lost 11lbs

""I joined Hannah's 'Hey Sugar' programme in March. I thoroughly enjoyed the recipes and the new approach to eating. Although sceptical about giving up some things like coffee, I started the programme and found that the well balanced nutritional foods meant that I did not crave sweets or coffee. I also found that I wasn't hungry and food stopped dominating my life. As a result, I feel healthier, have more energy and as an extra bonus I lost 11 pounds!! 2 months on I am keeping to the fundamentals of the programme and have kept the weight off. X.""

weight loss testimonal.jpg

Kiran, Hertfordshire

Highly recommends this 14 day course

"Your group programme course was a real eye opener to leading a healthier lifestyle and making the right food choices.  The zoom calls were really informative, especially as you also talked about the science behind your nutritional advice, and it was helpful to hear participants talk about their progress and your advice back to them.  I liked that you also talked about healthy food choices in relation to age and different lifestyles, your amazing e-book full of healthy easy-to-follow recipes to the spectrum of different food groups with all the benefits.  Plus loads of great tips!  Nothing was too much trouble and you answered any questions you received outside the zoom calls promptly.  I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about making healthier food choices as some really valuable advice and great value for money. Your depth of knowledge and passion really coming through.  Highly recommend this 14 day course with Hannah!""

Weight loss testimonial.png

Olivia, Hertfordshite

Feels energised & educated

"Hannah has given me the education to think about how I'm fuelling my body and given me the toolkit to make the healthier choices,  even when pushed for time,  with a little bit of forward planning, sensible store cupboard stocking and focus on eating a rainbow, protein and good fats.  My energy is much more stable throughout the day and I'm much better at listening to my body,  giving it time to respond to the food and liquids I give it rather than just reach for the sugary snacks!"


Francesca, Hertfordshire

Felt empowered & positive 

""For anyone thinking about joining one of Hannah’s programmes I would say definitely do it, you won’t have any regrets! I feel informed, empowered to make good food choices and more positive about my well being. I’ve gained the good stuff - fab new recipes, hacks that are game changing  and support from someone who inspires me to think about food in a more colourful way. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to realise that a nutritional approach is the right one for me. A BIG thank you. X.""


Anna, London

Lost 11lbs

"I really enjoyed the group hey sugar let's balance programme with Hannah. I've now lost 11LBS 2 months since starting the kick start. Her approach to weight loss is unique, fun and so positive.I would highly recommend it. I've never kept weight off after loosing it and I'm steadily still going down on the scales! This is a new way of life for me thanks to Hannah with lots of tasty food along the way.

Thank you x"