• Do you suspect something's up with your hormones?

  • Do you struggle to lose weight and keep it off?

  • Are you craving more energy & the freedom of choice when it comes to food?

  • Do you have PCOS & feel totally overwhelmed about what to do next?

  • Are you looking to positively support your menopausal journey?


If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, it sounds like you’re ready for The Positive Method - The Path to Happier Hormones®. SO, what is The Positive Method? Created by a Nutritionist and hormonal expert, The Positive Method is a uniquely colourful and evidence based 6 pillar approach to improve hormonal health and all round positive vibes. If you're ready to create a better environment for your hormones and understand the science behind it, let's go!

The Positive Method was originally developed for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a common and complex endocrine disorder that affects women during their reproductive years. I united the latest scientific research and my own personal journey with the syndrome, with my clinical experience working with women with a range of hormonal issues from menopause to PCOS to PMS to weight gain and created the 6 pillars that make up The Positive Method.

The method is focused around improving insulin sensitivity, reducing inflammation and improving hormonal balance via targeted nutrition, dampening stress and igniting a positively colourful passion for life.

The Positive Method - The Path to Happier Hormones is a registered trademark.