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Chocolate Halloween Monster Balls

Updated: May 7, 2020

Who wouldn't want a zombie army of chocolate monsters in their kitchen this Halloween if they tasted this good? If weight loss is your goal you may think that chocolate is off the menu - however you must remember my ethos that you are your wellness and not your weight. Enjoying tasty treats like this can be part of a weight loss plan as too much restriction is counterproductive. A little bit of what you fancy can be a key to weight loss success.

It was with great pleasure that I was asked to create a Halloween recipe for my fabulous friends at Squirrel Sisters HQ. Super simple, no baking required and the perfect excuse to get messy in the kitchen this spooky season.

The filling

4 x 20g chocolate brownie Squirrel Sister bars

200ml full fat coconut milk

1 cup of rolled oats

1/2 cup flaxseeds

1/4 cup of chia seeds

1 cup of rolled oats

3 tsp honey


300g dark cooking chocolate, go diary free to keep this vegan

Flaked almonds - eyes

1 stick of organic black liquorice - ears

In a high powered blender, add the squirrel sisters bars, coconut milk, flaxseeds and honey. Blend for 30 seconds and then add the mixute into a bowl with the oats and chia seeds. Mix and place in the fridge for 30 minutes. While the mixture is chilling you can prep the decoration.

For the ears take your liquorice and with a sharp knife slice into small circles. It's easily with a roll of liquorice if you cut vertically. Slice the circles into halves to create semi-circles - your ears are now ready.

Once your filling has cooled in the fridge, spoon out a heaped tsp worth and using the tips of your fingers and thumb roll into small balls. Once you have made all of your balls place back in the fridge on a plate and get on with melting your chocolate.

Snap your chocolate into small pieces, place in a glass bowl and place on top of a saucepan with simmering water on a low to medium heat. This will melt your chocolate gently. While you wait, stirring the chocolate occasionally, you can get on with your almond eyes.

Take your flaked almonds and carefully slice them in the centre to make two eye shapes. For the pupils, once your chocolate is melted take a sharp knife and dip the tip into the chocolate and then dot a little chocolate in the centre of each almond half; this takes a steady hand. Leave to one side to set.

Give your melting chocolate a stir, keeping it on a low heat. Take your balls out of the fridge and press the a pair of liquorice ears into either side of the balls. Once each monster can hear, you are now ready for the fun bit. Warning - do not do this bit in your best cashmere.

The chocolate might be hot so do this bit with caution. Dip the monster balls head first into the melted chocolate, covering the whole ball and place on a drying rack (with kitchen roll underneath to collect the chocolate drips). If you miss any bits take a spoon and drizzle over the monster when it's on the rack to cover any gaps until they are completely submerged in gorgeous chocolate.

When you have dipped all of your monster balls give your hands a good wash and then place the almond eyes on top of each ball. Each monster will have it's own cheeky personality so enjoy popping on one spooky eye, two or even three eyes on your little creations. Place in the fridge on the rack, let them set and then enjoy.

Vegan Option - just use vegan friendly chocolate

Gluten Free - ensure to use gluten free oat

You could use any of the four delicious Squirrel Sisters flavours in this recipe for the filling.

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