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Oranges & Lemons

As the nation is gripped by 'The Beast from The East', this snowy flurry is a frosty reminder that Spring is still a good few weeks away - not time to pack away the opaque tights just yet, ladies.

As we await the darling daffodils to brighten our banks there are plenty of other ways to embrace colour and that's in our diet. We all know the importance to eat an array of foods in an array of colours and juicing is a fabulous way to achieve this.

This recipe is just the trick when you need a little sunshine. It's a beautiful combo featuring some bad ass ingredients high in beta carotene and vitamin C. This golden juice is the perfect currency to keep you feeling tip top when your immune system could do with a helping hand.

Run the below ingredients through a juicer (either cold press or centrifugal) pouring the coconut water through the machine last the flush out all the fresh goodness.

What you need

1/2 organic cucumber

1 inch ginger

1 thick slice of unwaxed lemon with the full rind on

1 granny smith apple

1 large organic carrot

1/2 large orange with all rind removed

1/2 lemon

250ml coconut water

Pour over ice and enjoy - without a plastic straw.

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