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Flaxseed & Mint Smoothie

The morning smoothie is a splendid way start the day and a great shout when you want to get more seeds into your routine, such as the omega 3 rich flaxseed. All you have to do it chuck them in.

Some studies indicate that certain seeds play an active role in our hormonal ecology, notably oestrogen detoxification. Where there is oestrogen, there is a need for detoxification as oestrogen toxicity can lead to a whole host of problems such as PMS, breast pain, anovulatory cycles and weight gain. All hail the flaxseed.

Flaxseeds contain lignans, a phytonutrient that has the ability to cause oestrogenic or/and antioestrogen effects by blocking oestrogen receptors. This ques the body to inhibit the activity of enzymes involved in oestrogen metabolism. This can antagonise the effects of oestrogen in some tissues, while raising it where needed – this is why some research suggests that flaxseed consumption could reduce the risk of hormone associated cancers.

Flaxseeds are also a robust source of polyunsaturated fat if you're looking to improve your intake of omega 3. It's a great vegan alternative to fish oils if you're avoiding animal products.

Flaxseeds are delicate creatures as they turn rancid pretty quickly once ground due to oxidation - you've got 48hrs tops (even in an airtight container) once you've milled them. This is why they are right at home in a smoothie that is consumed right after whizzing. If you choose to take your flaxseeds whole they are passing through you like Victoria Beckham at LAX airport - fleeting and fast. It's pointless as the human digestive system doesn't have the capacity to break them down to get to the goodness so be sure to them ground them first.

A lovely combo to try in a high powered blender:

Flaxseed & Mint Smoothie

1 tbsp whole flaxseeds (golden or brown)

1 small ripe pear - core removed

10 mint leaves - plucked from their stalk

1/4 cucumber - organic, if you can

1 small handful spinach - organic, if you can

The juice of 1/2 lemon

250ml almond milk, oat milk or coconut water depending on taste


Whizzzzzzzzzz and enjoy.

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