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Why you should be doing PRO Jan

Your jeans might be a little tighter but the mornings are getting lighter - all hail January.

As naked Christmas trees litter our streets like unwanted reminders of cheese boards, sloe gin, celebrity loss and more cheese, it's time to put that behind us. It can be a funny old month but we've made it passed the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday, so it's time to grab 2017 by the kalettes.

There can be a lot of pressure to embrace a new you with lists of things to give up. With many partaking in dry Jan, sugar free Jan, vegan Jan, there can be a lot of pressure on poor Jan - and inevitability Jan may feel the pressure. I'm all for making better choices but in this dismally grey month I prefer PRO Jan - she's way more fun.

PRO Jan is simple. Just be proactive in adding a couple of positive things to your January and see how you feel. No pressure. These are my top 3.


Having things in your diary to look forward to is a must. Book something today. Have a scroll through your local hot spots for gigs, theatre, comedy or if budget allows see what weekend away deals are on. If you need a bit of inspiration see what's on at The Roundhouse or watch Rick Stein's Long Weekends which is currently on BBC2. See more things, expand your mind and enjoy time with your pals.


It's hard to avoid the indulgence that Christmas may bring so if you're still feeling a little beige try adding a daily cold pressed green juice to your diet. It's a great way to get a nutrient dense hit as long as they are not laden with sugar so keep an eye on the labels. If you think daily juices may be a challenge try adding three to your week as a starting point, or just try one today.

DIY - If you invest in a juicer try to opt for a cold press machine and keep to the 80% veg : 20% fruit rule. Joe Cross and Jason Vale aka the Juice Master, are good sources for beginners.

Feeling fancy - PLENISH juices are the bees knees. They make their juice with super high quality organic ingredients under pressure instead of heat - no washing up for us. They come with a warning that side effects may include glowing skin, increased energy and heightened levels of ambition. That's PRO right there.


Add a daily outdoor activity. If you're more box set binger than Fitbit fanatic this season can be hard but be PRO and get out there. Dust off the trainers and start with small steps but make these steps outside. With the central heating on full pelt, getting active in the crisp outdoors with a brisk walk or run will do you and your Vitamin D levels wonders. And before you complain about the cold, there is no such thing as inappropriate weather just inappropriate clothing. ASOS has just launched their active wear section so have a snoop and invest in some gloves.

Distance may not allow but if you can, try walking to work, park further away or get off your public transport a zone early and walk the rest. Less travel cost and more calories burnt will make you richer and thinner. Whatever your outside goal is, make a plan and stick to it.

If you need a little inspiration to get out from under the duvet, Ruth Field's book Run Fat Bitch Run is a good place to start.

PRO Jan is pretty simple really. Embrace positive additions to your life, be proactive and welcome exciting ventures as you never know where they may lead. Bring on the year of the rooster.

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