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You are as individual as your clients are stand out. Authenticity has never been so important; especially in the wellbeing industry, as visually driven online platforms continue to thrive and build businesses. I strategically work with health care professionals on a mentorship basis to develop brand identity and creative direction - that's your unique look, feel, positioning, tone of voice and all round general vibe. Elevate your practice and attract your ideal client base with an engaging and well crafted brand presence. 


Having worked in the creative industry for over fifteen years, my experience alongside my nutritional practice offers a unique coaching approach to develop brands for Nutritional Therapists and wellbeing businesses. If you're feeling frustrated with your brand or don't even know where to being, get in touch to find out more - it would be lovely to show you how I can help. 

HOW it works

Branding mentoring as all about getting clarity on your creative direction and therefore your business direction. You will come away with an understanding of how you can use branding and copy to attract your ideal client with authenticity. I'll also create your bespoke pdf brand book, which includes your brand story, brand values, your mission, your tone of voice, any required naming and website copy, a colour palette and mood board.


This is done through 2 x 1hr brainstorm sessions online via Zoom or in person in Berkhamsted, where I dig deep to unearth your unique vibe and gather all the bits and bobs I need to then translate this into your unique brand book. I do not create actual artwork, like logos, I'm not a designer but I have a number of incredible designers that I work with and can put you in touch. 

Hannah Alderson Nutritionist Berkhamsted


"Hannah has been a brilliant help, I would definitely recommend people utilise her expert tips and guidance on branding. Working with Hannah allowed me not only the time, and space – but most importantly guided by her brilliant questions and advice, I was able to get outside my head and ‘the box’, to really translate my authentic story and brand mission. Hannah has a brilliant way with words and really helped to then translate this into copy I could utilise on my website, that reflected both me and my brand tone perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from working together." 

Alex - Nutritionist & Food consultant, London

"I enjoyed two fun, engaging and insightful conversations with Hannah about the world of branding. I quickly gained a good understanding of how to approach what can be a challenging process for newly qualified health professionals suffering from imposter syndrome! Hannah was lovely to connect with. She is vibrant, fun, visual and clearly knows the industry well! I can recommend speaking to Hannah if you need clarity on the branding process."

Holly - Nutritionist, London 

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to both Sandra and Hannah for a fantastic Branding Workshop last weekend. It was a lovely, informal day with a small supportive group of other NTs and wellness practitioners, who all wanted to further their business. Before attending the workshop, I had understood the importance of branding and communication with my ideal clients but was unclear how to implement this in my business. By the end of the day I felt focused and clear on my direction forward, had a very snappy elevator pitch and felt that I had taken a big step in my sense of who I am as a brand. The day was spent in a gorgeous venue in Primrose Hill, with a delicious home-made lunch and plenty of inspirational discussion over numerous cups of tea! Hannah brought branding expertise, humour and energy to the day, while Sandra brought her vast experience and industry knowledge, as well as real passion for wanting to help other practitioners succeed. To top it all off, we each had a mini-photo shoot with the lovely photographer Charlotte, which has left me with loads of great photos to use online for a while to come. I would really recommend this day for anyone who wants to move their wellness business to the next level."

Victoria Smith - Nutritionist 

"Sandra and Hannah’s Branding Workshop was not only a wonderful day spent in the company of exceptional and like-minded women. It was most importantly an eye opening experience. It provided me with the clarity I would have not achieved on my own if I had not been prompted to do the deep work that happened during the workshop, when all the indecisions cleared up and the vision for my business and niche naturally unfolded before my eyes. I also loved the way the day was organised, with a high attention to every single detail, including the refreshments.

I would 100% recommend it to any wellness professionals seeking to focus on their voice and brand."

Milena Mastroianni, Nutritionist 

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